SafeSehat® Senior Citizen kit Combo (Pack of 5)

SafeSehat® Senior Citizen kit Combo (Pack of 5)


This Kit is very Useful for Senior Citizen for their immunity, digestion, and pain relief.



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SafeSehat Immunity Booster builds the body’s natural resistance to infections, to fight against new microbes, which helps to strengthen the immune system.
SafeSehat Anti-Acidity tablets helps with hyperacidity, gastric and heart burn.
SafeSehat Joint Pain combo is useful in relieves Swelling, Soreness & Pain and Helpful for knee pain & Back Aches. Nourishes Muscle & Joints Useful against Muscle Pains & Stiffness
SafeSehat Healthy Digestion Formula is special formulation for relief from constipation. It is made from various natural herbs that work in synergy to provide long-term relief.
Safesehat Panch Tulsi Drop contains 5 types of Tulsi leaves extracts which has many health benefits. It has Anti- Biotic, Anti- Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Oxidant properties. It provide relief from cough & cold.


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