SafeSehat Anti Acidity Formula | 60 Tablet

SafeSehat Anti Acidity Formula | 60 Tablet

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To help neutralize stomach acids.

Its various digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Simulates the stomach to produce more mucous and its anti-ulcer properties

Helps with hyperacidity, gastric  and heartburn

Suffering from chronic acidity? Well, fret no more as the Safe Sehat Anti-Acidity formula is a definitive solution to all your acidity-related problems. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it cures all forms of hyperactivity, heart burn, and gastritis.






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Mukta Shuktik bhasma
Yashtimadhu and other cooling

Dosage :
1 Tab in Morning & 1 Tab in Night

Home remedies:-  Cumin / Jeera Powder  : 1/2 Teaspoon, Coriander / Dhaniya Powder : 1 Teaspoon, Black Salt : 1/4 Teaspoon, Cardamom / Elaichi Powder :1/8 Teaspoon, Soaked Black Raisins : 11-14, Water : 1/2 Cup. Mix all and consume empty stomach in morning.

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 9 cm

1 review for SafeSehat Anti Acidity Formula | 60 Tablet

  1. Mridula

    There are many products in market but this is One of the best Anti Acidity product I have used.

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