MarkoSafe Home Hygiene Kit (Pack of 8)

MarkoSafe Home Hygiene Kit (Pack of 8)


-MarkoSafe Dishwash Liquid formula(1Ltr) eliminates grease, oil stains leaves utensils clean and maintains PH level
-MarkoSafe Multi-purpose disinfectant(1Ltr) works on all surfaces and combats viruses, bacteria, fungi, and E-coil. Noncorrosive to metals and other surfaces. It has Multiple applications- Spraying, mopping, rubbing, dipping
-MarkoSafe Toilet cleaners(1Ltr) are with an advanced thick liquid formula that removes tough stains, bad odor and kills germs. Comes in a unique Bottleneck shape that lets you pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim
-MarkoSafe Handwash(1Ltr) is Gentle with ideal PH balance and Perfumed liquid soap for a gentle wash and is soft on hands
-MarkoSafe Air freshener (70gm )-Pack of 2 -Curbs foul smell Dissipates into the air with a pleasant odor Multiple flavors to choose from
-MarkoSafe Naphthalene balls  (200gm)-Pack of 2-Guards home against insects and moths is an excellent pesticide and does not leave a stain


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