How to avoid severe acidity!

How to avoid severe acidity!

how to avoid severe acidity

Pav Bhaji from the local thela on a Sunday night can give you many joys and unfortunately a couple of heartburns too! A fun Friday breakfast won’t be much fun that evening. Wonder why this happens? It’s because what our taste buds particularly enjoy, our digestive system doesn’t. What you have is acidity! How to avoid severe acidity? Let’s find out!

Now that you familiar with the term ‘Acidity’, you’ll remember wheb sab bolte hain, “Teekha mat khaana acidity hojayegi”,”zyada coffee peene se acidity hojaati hai”, “Don’t lie down immediately after eating, do you want acidity?” So what is acidity? Acidity is a digestive problem in which the stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining, you feel heartburn, chest aches, difficulty in swallowing, and many more problems. 

We do all we can to avoid acidity; it doesn’t let you sleep or eat, it’s a nightmare! So how does one get rid of acidity? Apart from a clean and – let’s face it – boring diet there are a few quick tips and tricks that will help you get rid of the pain and problems caused by acidity.

The first remedy is by far the easiest! Water! Just drinking water will balance your pH levels and hydrate your body, also it calms that horrible heartburn. Water is a one-stop solution to so many problems, including Acidity.

The second solution to this horrible problem is a tall glass of cold milk. Milk is rich in calcium and it also prevents the acidic build up in your stomach. The relief you feel after that good cold glass of milk is out of this world. 

Third and probably the yummiest remedy is Coconut Water! Drinking two  glasses of coconut water daily might help you with heartburn relief. Rich in fibre, it helps soothe your digestive system. Also, it may protect your stomach from the effects of excess acid production. 

The last remedy on our list is not only the most effective but also has health benefits. One tablet of the SafeShehat-Anti Acidity Formula is enough to cure all acidity-related problems, it neutralises stomach acids. It also has various digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This is how you avoid severe acidity! We hope these solutions help you keep your stomach happy!

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